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Why Hire Us?

We save you time - No need to worry about your lawn or landscape!

We actually show up and take care of it on time! With us, you never have to worry whether things will be done, or done right. No more exhausting, time consuming, work on hot summer days. No more struggling with breakdowns. No more transporting gasoline! You just sign up, and simply enjoy your yard!

We conduct business according to the golden rule!

We treat all clients as we ourselves would want to be treated. We are honest - You won't be overcharged, ripped off, or billed for work we didn't do. We will always listen to your needs and ideas - we are not pushy and won't try to sell you on things you neither need nor want!

Great Results!
Sub par results are not acceptable to us! We provide excellent professional service and your property will look great. Since this is our fulltime work, we are very experienced and take great pride in the work we do.

We are reliable!
You don't have to chase us down because your lawn is out of control. We put clients on a routine schedule and stick to it as conditions dictate.

Excellent customer service!
In short, WE CARE & WE LISTEN! Our team is professional and courteous. We value our clients more than we can adequately express. We respond to all calls and emails promptly. If there is an issue it will be resolved quickly. If something comes up and your lawn needs mowing before it's scheduled, or if there is an emergency, we will bend over backwards to help.

Easy Billing!
We accept all major credit cards. Once you sign up, we can auto-charge cards upon completion of service. Clients can sign into their account online to view account activity and update information and pay invoices. Invoices are easy to read (online or in print), not just scribbled on a post-it note, and there is no need to leave payment at the property each week.

Fully Insured!
Team members are covered by workers comp and we carry general liability insurance.
Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide valuable, quality service to residents and businesses in Central Maine, through hard work, integrity, and relationships. We are passionate about what we do; we care and treat others as we ourselves would like to be treated; We will listen to learn, and achieve the goals of, and better the lives of, both our customers and our team! We will perform all work to the very best of our ability, with an eye for detail. If it's not right, we don't leave until it is!